You live ,Love and for times we dance! That’s what Power Play is about. Making good music to reach your heart and your soul.

Living in Va. Beach, VA opening for acts like Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, Temptations, Jimmy Buffet, Shania Twain, Average White Band, and Ray Charles, and others has giving the band a broad feel in the music that we write and play so in the end we want to raise you out your seat or nod your head to our music.

If your thing is Dance, Pop, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Funk, or just R & B,

We believe we got something for ya.

It’s So Easy to do the do, the opening track means bop your head.

Party Goin’ On is our statement cause there’s a party goin’ on when Power Play arrives.

But I Wanna know you, hold you, be with you forever and………

Stop That baby, before you drive me crazy speaks for itself.

This 17-track CD is welcome by our fans so take a listen and get into this party with us.

Our high-energy dance has been making waves up and down the East Coast. Power Play is a four-piece, non-stop dance party, bringing sounds from oldies to hip-hop. Power Play is what you're looking for when it's time to PARTY!!! IT"S THE BOMB!!!!!!!